“both/neither “
a zine about dissonence, recovery, puppies, and getting cooked to death in space. you can grab a copy here.
markers, various paper, FireAlpaca, various screencaps, cut outs

Wolfy Dog: Where the hell is she?
Roundy Dog: Who
sfx: rattle-rattle
(about the last dog) <-Sophisticated enough to avoid eye contact on public transit

Wolfy: Laika! Aren’t you worried? She just vanished one day! Did she die, or get captured, or walk away to see if we would look for her?
Roundy: Um, no? I’m a fucking dog, bro.

Wikipedia: They are said to prefer the quieter, less trafficked cars at the very front or back of the train. Author Eugene Linden, a specialist in the subject of animal intelligence, believes the dogs’ behavior exhibits “flexible open-ended reasoning and conscious thought”.

Roundy Dog: I don’t have any use for that complex-ass, gray area-ass garbage


(author’s note: is it weird that handwriting has been the biggest area of improvement with my art since this? lol)