“National Coming Out Day”
marker, inkwash

Me: Mister Dad!
MR DAD: reh.
Me: Mister Dad,
Me: It’s July again, Mister Dad.
MR DAD: ick,,

Me: I was gonna do a pride comic and I didn’t again, Mr Dad
MR DAD: geK-k-.
Me: Mr Dad.

Me: I kept sitting down and over-complicating it, Mr. Dad. You’d think an “I’m trans!” comic would be easy. It FEELS simple to me, but I choke at the idea of laying it out simple and blatant.

[cut off] Me:
I think thats WH-
I have so many t-
characters, because
one stage of s-
is enough to re-
on the peripher-
and that feels m-
genuine than wo-
by people w-
off Google r-

Me: Mister Dad!
MR DAD: …!
Me: Good boy!

Me: I guess it makes sense that I treat myself like the art I make. The signs are all there if you care, but if-